Insulated house foundations uk

Future Found is a passive foundation system that offers a new way of house foundation construction  the most economical and fastest way to pour foundations and floors for Timber Frame ,ICF and Masonry houses  . It was first introduced in the 1930s by world-renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who designed some of the most original and innovative buildings in the USA. Over the years, we’ve adapted and updated it, to create what we believe to be the most cost-effective solution for laying foundations, therefore reducing house foundation cost by 50%

Insulated house foundations uk  – offering the lowest u-values – Future Found offers approx 50% savings on both materials and labour costs. For example, using traditional concrete to lay foundations for a two-storey detached house will use around 50m3 of concrete costing approx £5,000. Using the Future Found Foundation System, to cover the same area, costs just £1,800 – a saving of £3,200! A multi-house development will generate multiple savings of £1,800 per unit in addition to reduced labour costs. These are also considerably reduced – by as much as 50% – as the foundations and floors are manufactured off-site and installed in two /three days rather than the usual two weeks when using traditional methods.

Insulated house  Foundation uk System is suitable for all ground conditions, including heavy clay soil, offering time saving on machine time and spoil removal. It’s also suitable for building material including brick, block, timber frame etc. With its excellent insulation properties, the product has been continually improved to eliminate wall floor cold bridges. Its key features are that it will not diminish over time and is totally unaffected by water.

Forming in place
Pouring Concrete